Pushing through

When you don’t have any habits, or worse even – bad habits, it gets super difficult when you’re trying to push through. Especially when you’re wanting to do a few small things at once.
I know you should take things on one at a time, but hey – when you can fill a few pages with all the small things that would improve your life and make it healthier, there isn’t enough time to get all of them done.

One of my biggest issues is that I do take on too many, because I can’t determine which are priorities. Also, those priorities change more often than I’d like, because of the situations I’m put in, or just other things coming up.
Aside from that I know that I do so much better when I have external help. I’d always hoped that I’d have the support of my partner, but he only cares about himself and doesn’t want to put any effort in me or even himself – he likes being taken care of and not doing anything but lay in bed and watch YouTube videos.

Luckily for me, though, two fantastically amazing people from that group of truly genuine and awesome people I have talked about before have been helping me out a bit with remembering things and trying to stay positive.
I’ve started going to the gym again, which you might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram, and I’m getting a little more consistent in actually going, thanks to my two lovely bois. Whenever I don’t know what do to, or I get really bored, I can hear their voices going in my head “Go to the gym!”, which always gives me a laugh and actually makes it super easy for me to get myself in gear and actually go.
Drinking water ties in with the gym, since I love the flavored water they have there and I always sneak home two bottles to drink the rest of the day.  Next up is figuring out that sleeping pattern, finding that balance of having enough sleep and still talking to my bois.

How are you doing with your habits?

Positive vibes,