Shelly Elle is a place where creativity meets positivity, and I go head on to find happiness in my life.

Starting my website is a big step in my own journey of dealing with depression, a negative self image, borderline personality disorder, PTSD and highly functioning anxiety. It, along with my psychologist, will keep me on my toes when I feel myself slipping again and will remind me of all the steps I have accomplished so far. My passions, memories, and overall good experiences will take the foreground, which in turn might (and hopefully will) help you too. This little place of mine with also serve as a platform for my writing, whether it’s updates and sneak peeks on my first novel, or short pieces to get my emotions into words.

I want to show you that being you is ok, that you can have happiness in your life, and your mental illness doesn’t define you. Positivity isn’t that far away, in fact it’s right in front of our noses, but our negativity is often standing in the way.
By sharing my own experiences, both the wins and fails, I hope you can get some comfort in your own journey, remember that you’re not alone, and perhaps find some guidance. Lets brighten up those days (again), and accept more positivity!

Currently I’m still in the first steps of growing my website to what I want it to be, so please bear in mind that sometimes posts and sneak peeks might take a little longer. I will keep you updated on here or social media, so don’t forget to check out my instagrams and twitter. will grow soon, but until then, please be patient.

Positive vibes to you.
Shelly Elle