Shelly Elle

Shelly Elle Vibes is a place where creativity meets positivity, and I go head on to find happiness in my life, along with you!

Starting my website is a big step in my own journey of dealing with depression and negativity. It, along with my psychologist, will keep me on my toes when I feel myself slipping again and will remind me of all the steps I have accomplished so far. My passions, memories, and overall good experiences will take the foreground, which in turn might (and hopefully will) help you too.

I want to show you that being you is ok, that you can have happiness in your life. Positivity isn’t that far away, in fact it’s right in front of our noses, but our negativity is standing in the way.
By sharing my own experiences and others I’ve heard or read about, I want you to find the best way for you to be you and let that positivity in. Lets brighten up those days (again)!

One important medium I will be using a lot to help and track my progress is my Bullet Journal, so be prepared for a lot of posts featuring my ways of using it and spreads that have helped me along, also other Bullet Journalists that I admire or find have really helpful takes on the system or spreads that might help any of you in your journey.

Currently I’m working on a schedule that allows me to rest when needed, or spend more time on research or creating something new and work when I’m able and can handle it, so bear this in mind. Shelly Elle Vibes will grow soon, but until then, please be patient.
Quality over quantity!

Good vibes to you.
Shelly Elle